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Go Green

Why choose from us

By believing in us, you have shown your commitment in helping us save our planet. The pledge strengthens our role as humans who care for the environment. 

SIngle use plastics are a menace around the globe and continue to do so. Everyday, millions of tons of plastic pollute our natural resources. And this is worrisome as we will soon run out of a clean environment. 

At Green Kanteen, our focus remains as one - to bring our customers closer to mother nature.  And this can be achieved by committing to doing away with single use plastics in our everyday lives. 

Let's join together with a promise to give our children a healthy living future. 

What our Happy customers have to say

 Thank you team for the Wraps. It was exactly what i was looking for. I am happy to make multiple uses of the product.

Michael P.

I am excited to share that my kitchen is now looking a bit more functional and uncluttered. I am gonna use these straws for a long time to come. 

Diane T.

Loving the straws and the multi use bowl lids. Good Quality.

Roxanne G.

Let's take a Pledge for our Planet

"No job is too big, and no action to small, the care of our planet is a job for us all."